Rise And Shine

Rise and Shine

Golden drops of sun fall on my face

I cuddle a bit into my pillows

I snooze a little and hide into my quilt

Yawn a little and open my eyes

Then Wake up with a smile on my face

To begin a new day with a new pace

I sit up,

And Look outside my window,

I see the clouds smiling at me

Feels like I can sit on my bed and chat with them.

Sometimes, I stare at them and see them pass through,

Then get up to capture them into my lens.

I stare at them, and then I look down

I see the busy city underneath me…

It looks like the game of monopoly…..

The sterilized streets, the skyscrapers and the flyer

All in front of me

The miniature cars and people on the street

Looks like a world of urban fantasy.

A glimpse of Tibet - in India

The ochre and burgundy seem to be the omnipotent hues here. The shimmering gold of the structures are conspicuous from miles away. The drone of the distant drums and pipes relentlessly fill the air. If only a few snow capped mountains would show up in the horizon…

Bylakuppe is the largest Tibetan settlement in India, and contains a number of inspiring monasteries and temples.

I have never been to Tibet, but it feels like mini Tibet. I fell in love with the architecture. I love Tibetan food. I can eat momos at any time. In fact, I can live on it.

While the Tibetans in Bylakuppe have adjusted to the weather and ways of South India, they retain their language, culture, medicine, and commitment to Buddhism. They also retain their characteristic sense of ease, generosity and humor.

The people always smile at the tourist, never have restrictions even for the ignorant and instill their monasteries with warmth and camaraderie that is palpable by everyone who spends a few moments inside them. It is difficult not to admire them.

The colours only get brighter and merrier on the monasteries and inside. The gold mixes seamlessly with the curls of turquoise and the crimson. The dragons seem to emerge out from the intricate wooden carvings. Flags of myriad hues flutter with the evening wind.

The pupils take their place in front of the golden deities. Tea is served and the chants begin. The drums soon make their thunderous presence felt while the pipes sustain the din.

My journey to bylakuppe was very brief. I went with another photographer friend of mine. We spent our time talking to the local people, in the monasteries and eating momos. We hitchhiked on a tractor and spent the night inside the library of one of the guest houses. At night, we wandered around and went to the university. It was one of my best trips ever.

But, if you want to experience the real feeling of being in bylakuppe, you need to spend some more time there. It is on my- to do list to go back and spend at least a few weeks there.

This project of mine is just an overview of bylakuppe. I plan to do a detailed project in the near future.

Emoting through Cloudscapes

................................................................... Going back to the old school to the era of British Romanticism, where artists like William Turner and Vincent Van Goh, portrayed emotions through landscape paintings.

Art in any form can portray a lot of emotions.
In this project, I am trying to portray emotions through cloudscapes. I have captured a series of clouds over the time and most of the time, it brings out positive emotions.

The picture towards the end portrays a physical image of a happy human emotion. This was an experimentation, where I combined an emotion with the clouds. Although, this contradicts the idea of British Romanticism. It can also be seen as a difference between old school and contemporary.

I sat by the window, sipping on my coffee and looking at the activities happening on the road.
And then I looked at myself, looked at the diner behind me and the foosball table. I have been working on reflections, and this was my first image.

Basically one of the various projects that I am working on, reflections is one of them. And I am working on how to portray the same in a more contemporary form.
Also, as it can be seen from the images that I am using myself as my subject.