Rise And Shine

Rise and Shine

Golden drops of sun fall on my face

I cuddle a bit into my pillows

I snooze a little and hide into my quilt

Yawn a little and open my eyes

Then Wake up with a smile on my face

To begin a new day with a new pace

I sit up,

And Look outside my window,

I see the clouds smiling at me

Feels like I can sit on my bed and chat with them.

Sometimes, I stare at them and see them pass through,

Then get up to capture them into my lens.

I stare at them, and then I look down

I see the busy city underneath me…

It looks like the game of monopoly…..

The sterilized streets, the skyscrapers and the flyer

All in front of me

The miniature cars and people on the street

Looks like a world of urban fantasy.


  1. Nicely written! :) And lovely photographs...

  2. photographer, an explorer and now you can add in your profile ''POET''
    beautiful one!!